1953 Coronation Street Party: Remembering the Day

On the 7th April 2023, St Ives Archive volunteer Wendy Grove submitted the photo below to the Times & Echo inviting readers to get in touch if they recognised anybody in the photograph. Shortly after, Brian Mitchell contacted the Archive and asked if we had any more photos of the event – fortunately, we did. To our delight, Brian not only remembered that day in 1953 in vivid detail, but he also provided the names of many of the partygoers pictured alongside himself.

The following is what Brian remembered of the Coronation Street Party that took place in the lower part of Trelawny Avenue in 1953:

“I think it was probably held for children under the age of sixteen. I was fifteen at the time, and the oldest party-goer I can see. However, I am sure the figure numbered ‘one’ is June Downey, about my own age. Number four is me, marked with a cross by my mother (I provided the original). I have attempted to identify as many as I can, but with a lot of once-familiar faces, the names now escape me.”

1: June Downey, who lived at number 19; 2: Jimmy Jones; 3: Frank Thomas; 4: Brian Mitchell, at number 28; 5: Michael Mudge, at number 58; 6: John Stevens; 7: Mrs Norah Rule; 8: ? Hodge, at number 31?; 9: Mrs Ward; 10: Mrs Elizabeth Bunn, at number 40; 11: Mary Bunn; 12: George Ladner; 13: Beryl Ralph, at number 24; 14: Michael Noall, at number 47; 15: ? Ladner; 16: Mrs Jane Stevens, at number 37.

Brian continues: “As I said, I am one of the oldest kids in these photos, others were ten years younger, so may have clearer memories of the occasion and can fill in the blanks, and correct any errors.”

Thank you so much, Brian, for confirming that this photo was indeed taken at a Coronation Street Party in 1953 and for sharing your memories of the day. You have put names to many faces that will now be added to the Archive’s records.

Do you recognise any other partygoers in the photos above or have your own memories of this Coronation event? If so, please get in touch with us here.

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