St Ives Archive has, for many years, published texts, booklets, calendars and books on many subjects that relate to our central interest.

Here are a few offerings from our current selection in print.

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A Short History of Brush End School

What started as a quest to find more information about an unnamed girls’ boarding school in Lelant, evolved into this new book about Brush End School. Written by Chris Hogg.


Tall Tales from a Golden Era

Written by Charles D. Galbraith, St Ives club captain in 1967/68, the book brings together the personal accounts of some of the players who trained under Tony Hosking.


Remains of the Pilchard Fishery of St Ives & West Cornwall

Written by the late Dr Ferguson and St Ives historian and writer Brian Stevens, this book records the fast disappearing evidence of the buildings once connected with the Pilchard Industry.


Martin Cock’s Guide to Saint Ives

Originally published in 1884, this guide to St Ives by John Hobson Matthews, is a reprint of the 4th edition published in 1909. Filled with information from the history of Market Square and other historical notes to descriptions of Hawkes Point, Zennor and beyond, this is a true snapshot of what St Ives was like in the early 1900s. Includes a map, photographs, and advertisements for seaside hotels and boarding establishments of the time.


Much ado about nawtheng… read on me ansum!

Edited by Jan Harris, this varied collection covers events and places in St Ives from the 1600s to contemporary times. The articles include everything from the history of the Old Gaol and Poor House, the flood of 1894 and the Fisherman’s Lodges along the wharf, through to the unusual place names throughout the town. A truly fascinating look at St Ives through stories and photographs.


Son of Down-a-Long

These poems of old St Ives were written by Cornish Bard John T. Barber (1904-1994). The poems vividly capture the characters and history of the town as well as the spirit that is an essential part of the community. An incident, recounted on The Wharf, as well as his personal emotions of St Ives could inspire Barber’s imagination. Illustrated with photographs throughout.


Memories of Wartime St Ives

From those who were called to the colours to those who took in evacuees, the wartime spirit in St Ives was second to none. The town welcomed soldiers of many nationalities, including the American 29th Division who would leave for an appointment on Omaha Beach, the most dreadful of all the D-Day landings. The twenty-five stories in this booklet, funny, moving, and tragic, tell of these extraordinary times.


The Little Big Book of Seaside Holidays

This lively story by Mary Quick tells of three generations of a family enjoying their seaside holidays. Beginning with the family’s arrival on the branch line steam train in the 1930s the story then traces the delights of seaside holidays and how they change over the years. Evocative, full-colour illustrations, by Steve Martin, enhance this magical story.


Alfred Wallis & His Family

Considering that Wallis was alive within living memory, surprisingly little is known of him for certain. In this booklet, subtitled Fact and Fiction, Peter Barnes attempts to present the facts relating to the life of Alfred Wallis. Extracted from documentary sources, including the works of Sven Berlin, Mullins, and Roger Slack, along with Wallis’s letters preserved by Jim Ede. Illustrated with photographs.


St Ives: The Art Colony and the Community

This book is a fascinating overview of The St Ives Memory Bay Oral History Project set up in 2008. Through excerpts from a selection of the interviews, it brings to life the stories of the community who nurtured the international art colony in St Ives. With a wealth of photographs, the book uncovers new perspectives on the relationships between the visual art created in the town, and the families, traditions, and institutions of St Ives.


St Ives Doctors 1550-1948

This 94-page publication is a brief account of the lives, medical practices, and contributions the doctors during the time made to the life of St Ives. Divided into five chapters, from early times to the twentieth century, this is a unique look at life in St Ives.


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