St Ives Archive’s New Catalogue System

The refresh of our website has spurred us on to modernise our Archive “catalogue”.  For many years we have been using two separate systems, one for recording scanned photographs and the other for recording acquisitions.  In order to provide a single web browser-based search facility we have, with the help of Cornwall Council Cultivator funding, obtained a new “catalogue” system from Metadatis Ltd. called Epexio.

We have set up a small in-house implementation team to manage the task of moving from the old systems to the new.

Once implemented, the longer-term task of creating appropriate catalogue records for the tens of thousands of items that have been acquired can start.  This includes developing a training package and training several “trainers” who will then be able to pass on their skills and knowledge of the new catalogue system to all those interested in helping.

A project of this size not only takes a huge amount of dedication and input from all our volunteers, it also requires financing.

If you share our commitment to preserving our heritage and making our archival information more accessible for current and future generations, why not donate to support our new catalogue project. 

The implementation team will provide regular progress updates.

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