Privacy Policy and Legal Notice

St Ives Archive is a registered charity that collects, organises and makes available heritage information relating to St Ives, Cornwall and the surrounding district.

St Ives Archive holds personal data relevant to our stated intention. We process data on organisations, agencies and persons where we have a legal or contractual obligation so to do.

We process personal data in order to administer our membership, volunteer and visitor services. For example, we use contact information to alert members and volunteers about the dates of meetings and to manage subscriptions.

We retain your personal data securely and for no longer than necessary. We do not share your personal information (unless legally obliged to do so).

As a heritage organisation, we also retain within our collections recorded memories, both published and unpublished. Personal data within our collections is processed for the purpose of archiving in the public interest and is retained permanently.

This Privacy Policy may change to reflect any changes of law. The version is identified by the date located at the bottom of this page.

If you want to change or delete any of your personal information that we hold, or if you have any concerns or questions about privacy matters, then please either get in touch with our Data Protection Officer or contact us by emailing